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Firefox 3’s About:Config Warning!

Well I have finally switched over to using Firefox 3 – RC1 and found this warning very amusing…

Firefox 3's about:config Warning

Now I just wonder how many people will really think Firefox has a warranty? :)

Rickrolling with Firefox

Poor ol’ Rick Astley has never been as popular as he has been in the past few weeks. Thanks to the new Internet prank of “rickrolling” millions of people have listening to his song. Probably more so than listened to it in 1987 if I had to guess. If you have your Firefox handy you too can get in on the fun.

RollTube is the first one the list, after installing this addon it will switch every video on YouTube with the infamous video of Rick shaking his funky white stuff. Here it is in action:

RollTube – the rick roll firefox extension from fffffat labs on Vimeo.

If all this Rick Astley love isn’t doing it for you, and your more annoyed than amused by it all then I have an addition to Firefox to help you out as well. Pick up the Rickroll Database. This is a filter you can setup your AdBlock Plus to subscribe to. You can also submit your own rickrolling videos to the database to make sure nobody else gets fooled by it again.

Just remember, here on Firefox Facts we’ll never give you up or let you down either… promise!

Award Winning Shirt Design


Big congratulations to Tracie Andrews, the winner of the Firefox 3 t-shirt design contest!  I have to say this wasn’t on my radar much (the contest that is) but this design is really awesome.  I would wear it, that is for sure!  If you want to see the other t-shirt designs – check them out at Flickr.  You have to join the group (yes, that even confused me) but there were a lot of cool designs to choose from.

More Firefox Wallpaper to Love

A lot of creative people have done a lot of creative things with the Firefox brand. Having brands all over the place isn’t usually my desktop layout of choice, but wit Firefox I will make an exception. Here are some new Firefox wallpapers that have caught my eye and I think would be perfect for any desktop out there today.

Firefox_wallpaper_by_skribb Firefox_by_FalconNL

FireFox_Wallpaper_Pack_by_FSDown _by_iyanichek

Firefox_Technica_by_bacontheory FieryFox_by_dotacreepy

Want more Firefox wallpaper? Go check out my selections for the five star Firefox wallpaper.

Firefox Mentioned in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

180px-Fox_070611a-l Seems like no matter where I turn, Firefox follows me everywhere! Thumbing through the instruction book for Super Smash Bros. Brawl – I noticed one of Fox’s names (from Star Fox) for his signature moves was a little familiar.

His “up” special move is called Fire Fox. Now the fan boy inside of me would like to think this is a nod to the fine folks at Mozilla from Nintendo but it is probably not the case.

Tell me this though, when was there a mention of Internet Explorer as an awesome move in a video game? Chances are, if there was it would involve a crash* for sure.

* – sorry, couldn’t resist!

Add Some Spice to Your Stop Button

Feel like the stop button is just a little too dull these days? Well if you want to add a little spice to the experience I have two Firefox extention additions that will get that done, or just drive you nuts.

hammertime Stop! Hamertime!

Yeah, I wore MC Hammer pants once upon a time, so don’t act like you didn’t. I’ve got a Firefox addon that allows me to peak inside your closet, I know they are there. With Stop! Hammertime! each time you hit the stop button, you hear one thing that both made and broke poor MC Hammer’s career.

Stop in the name of Love!

In the same spirit as Stop! Hammertime! this newer extension replaces your stop button with a heart and each time you hit the button Diana Ross and the Supremes will sing a little ‘bit of the “Stop in the name of love” song. Not something I’ll be jamming out to here anytime soon, but fun to use to pull a prank on somebody.

Both of these oddball addons were created by Ben Dodson, be sure to check out his site and give him praise for his unique addons for your favorite browser.

500 Million Firefoxes

Wow, Firefox hits another milestone with 500 million installs of Firefox.  Of course this doesn’t mean each download is one single user – one user could have installed it hundreds of times.  This is still saying something though for the ever growing Firefox movement. 

This video I stole borrowed from Asa does a good job at telling the story.

Over 3,000 Firefox Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Firefox Facts - Over 3,000 Served DailyI just realized this seconds ago, we broke the 3,000 subscriber mark with our RSS feed. Of course with my luck it’ll go down tomorrow – but hey, I’m going to celebrate the moment while I have it!

Now why did I say “we” and “our”? Well this site is as much mine as it is yours and without you it wouldn’t still be around today. Thank each and every one of you for subscribing and telling your friends about Lets not stop now though.

Please keep sharing this resource with others and passing them along our subscription info page so they too will be able to celebrate with us!