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Amethyst – New Cylence Theme

Now it is no secret that I have been a big fan of the “cylence” series of themes for a long time now. I just got word though that a new one has been released. The new Amethyst version of the Cylence line of themes now gives you that traditional look but all flavored with […]

Cylence Theme – Emerald Variation

Well, ask and somebody will be nice enough to make it for you. Isn’t that how the old saying goes? Well, that might not be the words exactly but I am just so excited that there is finally an emerald variation of the Cylence theme series for Firefox. The author of the theme Julien Saurin […]

Saphir Cylence Theme for Firefox

When I saw the first Cylence theme for Firefox, I was in love. It was the basic default Firefox theme, but in a cool and dark exterior. It make my browsing experience look even slicker than it already was. There is a new one out now, and it has a more “purple” feeling to it. […]

Personas, Make Firefox Better… Looking!

Firefox Personas is back! I’ve seen a handful of blogs covering this re-launch I guess you could call it all weekend long. It is an awesome project and I am happy to see it is getting a little more time in the sun. Personas are lightweight designs that “skin” the Firefox web browser. Delivered as […]

Different Flavors of the Default Firefox Theme

Julien promised me that there would be more Cylence themes to come, and I was not disappointed to see them pop up on Mozilla’s Web site a few days ago. Here is the list thus far: Cylence Theme Cylence Theme : Diamond Variation Cylence Theme : Sapphire Variation Cylence Theme : Ruby Variation Cylence Theme […]

Top 5 Firefox Themes

Everybody has an opinion, and let me say this is mine and mine alone. Now that I have gotten that disclosure out of the way – I want to share with you the top five Firefox themes I have run across in the past few weeks. 1. Le Breeze 2. Whitehart 3. Macfox II Graphite […]

Darker Default Firefox Theme

The Cylence Theme might look a little familer to you. It is the new default Firefox 2 theme, but with a darker edge to it. Personally, I have not found that many good looking themes when it comes to Firefox 2 – so finding a different “flavor” of the default is a nice thing to […]