Firefox Still Gaining

It looks like Firefox is still gaining ground out there in the browser wars. Many people felt like Internet Explorer 7 might kill off the home grown glory that is Firefox 2, but they were wrong. The guys over at Information Week have a nice in depth look at the battle between the browsers since IE7 debuted.

Although Microsoft recently touted the 100 millionth installation of Internet Explorer 7, Web measurement firms said that the new browser is simply being swapped out for older editions and hasn’t had an impact on Firefox’s continued climb.

“[As of] January 8th, we had the 100 millionth IE7 installation,” said Tony Chor, an IE group program manager, in an entry on the team’s blog. “Even more important than installations is usage. According to WebSideStory (the company we use to measure browser usage), as of this week, over 25% of all visitors to sites in the U.S. were using IE7, making IE7 the second most used browser after IE6.

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Vista Flavored Metal Lion

Now I haven’t been a huge fan of the Metal Lion themes in the past, but this “Vista” flavor is not half bad. I like it.

Metal Lion

As you can see it has a colorful yet clean look, and does give something a little different while not trying to be too different. Check it out, use it and let me know what you think.

+ Download and Install the Metal Lion – Vista Theme for Firefox!

Google Thumbnails

Now this is nothing new and I have seen it before, but the GooglePreview extension for Firefox might do it the best. What am I talking about? Well, first let me ask you a question. Wouldn’t it be nice to see thumbnails next to your search results in Google? I think it would be nice – and that is what this extension will do for you.

Inserts preview images (thumbnails) of web sites and Amazon products into the Google and Yahoo search results pages. When you use GooglePreview and click on an Amazon link within the search results, you support me and the further development of the extension and back end if you actually purchase a product.

+ Download and Install the GooglePreview Extension for Firefox!

Firefox Text Editing

Thanks to Mozilla Links for pointing me towards this Firefox extension. It’s All Text sounds like a very neat tool indeed.

It’s All Text! is a Firefox extension that let’s you edit text entries you may need to do in your preferred text editor. It adds as small transparent button to a corner of text areas which you can press to launch your selected text editor with a uniquely named file IAT! creates.

When you want a little more control over your Web text editing, it sounds like this extension might be the way to go.

+ Check Out More at Mozilla Links!

A Firefox Never Forgets

The folks over at Download Squad have a nice little write up about Reminder Fox, the scheduler and to do list extension for Firefox.

I like what they had to say so much – I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share some of it here.

I’m somewhat of a productivity zealot and I love any application that helps me stay on task. Reminder Fox is designed to do just that. One of the better Firefox extensions I’ve found, Reminder Fox sits quietly in the bottom left corner of the browser and lets you manage a to do list and schedule reminders.

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Direct Extension Linking?

Over the past few weeks I have noticed more than a few people have been E-mailing me and asking the same question. Why do I not directly link to Firefox extensions and themes via this Web site?

Well I could, there is no technical reason not to – the problem I have is what if these places change the location of the Firefox extensions? I am not going to be one who wants to go through and edit the hundreds of posts I have done thus far by hand. Not that I don’t love you folks enough to to it – it would just be a big waste of time for me.

So now that has been answered, let’s get back to talking about the fun things in Firefox!

Wikiseek Firefox Search Extension

Have you heard about Wikiseek? If you read any of the big popular A-list blogs you might think it is the second coming, but I wouldn’t say that just yet. It is nice though. They have also released a Firefox extension that allows you to slip their search into Wikipedia.

If you use Firefox you can install the Wikiseek Search Extension to add Wikiseek to the search form inside all Wikipedia pages. Just click the install link below and follow the instructions. Once you restart Firefox you will see a Wikiseek button in the Wikipedia search form.

Pick it up and let me know what you think.

+ Download and Install the Wikiseek Firefox Extension!

Firefox Extension Quality Control

Should there be better quality control for Firefox extensions?

I’m always flipping through the Mozilla forum looking for interesting things to read when I came across one that was called “ recent and open issues.” It sounded interesting because I didn’t realize that there were any open issues with Mozilla’s Add-on site.

There are a handful of them there that look like they were made by some “make your toolbar, quick and easy” service. I don’t like this. Why? Well as I have explained before they have a disturbing section on the bottom of these special toolbars that say “we will not spy on you” and more. What does that mean? They probably do. Read more about this issue at CyberNet.

Smart Bookmarks Bar

I have been using just favicons in my bookmarks bar for a while now. I find it a lot easier to manage where I am going – plus it cuts down on toolbar clutter (we all hate that). If you want an easy way to get your bookmarking habits moved over you might pick up the Smart Bookmarks Bar extension fore Firefox.

Smart Bookmarks Bar extension comes right here by hiding bookmarks names and only showing icons. Bookmark name will be displayed on mouse over. (this feature can be deactivated if you just want icons without the rollover effect)

+ Download and Install the Smart Bookmarks Bar Extension for Firefox!

Edit Your Cookies

Don’t toss your cookies – edit them!

This is a neat extension for Firefox. It allows you to edit your cookies that are stored in your Web browser to allow you to add or delete information from them. Cookie setting set in preferences/options take priority over the changes applied by this cookie editor.

For example, if you set an option to have your cookies to expire at the end of session, you won’t be able to change the expiration date on cookies using the editor. Feed your cookie editing needs!

+ Download and Install the Add N Edit Cookies Extension for Firefox!