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DejaClick – Manage Repetitive Tasks

Record Your BrowserDoing the same thing over and over again sucks. Being repetitive sucks. If the Web is all about making my life better, why do I have to keep doing the same things over and over again? DejaClick, an extension for Firefox, looks to end my repetitive ways.

Here is a little more about the extension from the developers:

DejaClick is a web recorder and Super Bookmark utility designed exclusively for Firefox. You can record and bookmark your browser activities, then with a single click, replay the entire sequence all over again.

Now where does this come in handy? Well think of the tasks on the Web that you must do where you have to click through several links to get to the spot you need. DejaClick can record your browser’s actions and replay them as many times as you need.

Some of the other features include:

  • One-button recording and bookmarking
  • Toolbar with full record/replay controls
  • Sidebar with replay results and property editing
  • Statusbar with record/replay status information
  • Action and Event keyword validation
  • Optional AlertSite Business Transaction Monitor integration

So if your wanting to cut down on your clicks and let the browser do some of the work for you – this is definitely a neat extension to at least try, to see if it will do the job for you… literally!