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Firefox’s Navigation Bar Keyboard Combo Cheat Sheet

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Users We have covered a lot keyboard shortcuts thus far, but today I wanted to cover some of the default tasks you might want to do.  Replicating the navigation toolbar, here are the tasks and then the tips on how to get them done quicker with a few strokes of the keyboard keys.

Navigation Bar Keyboard Shortcuts

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back Alt + Left Arrow or Backspace = Go Back a Page

forward Alt + Right Arrow or Shift + Backspace = Go Forward a Page

home Alt + Home = Go to your Homepage

reload F5 or Ctrl + R = Reload a Page

stop Esc = Stop a Page from Loading

print Ctrl + P = Bring up the Print Options

downloads Ctrl + J = Launch the Download Window

history Ctrl + H = Open Your History in the Sidebar

bookmarks Ctrl + B = Open Your Bookmarks in the Sidebar

new-tab Ctrl + T = New Tab

new-window Ctrl + N = New Browser Window

cut Ctrl + X = Cut

copy Ctrl + C = Copy

paste Ctrl + V = Paste

There is at least one (and sometimes two) keyboard combinations you can use to get the navigation toolbar tasks done.  Anymore keyboard tips you’d like me to go over as we all become Firefox keyboard ninjas?