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Pocket Hits

Pocket Hits is a fun little add-on for Firefox that lets you take your links you have saved for later with you on the go.  It adds a Pocket Hits panel to your Firefox for Android homepage.

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Android New Tab

New tab page for Android style is a based on HTML5 Firefox add-ons, which developed refer the popular Android UI. It provides speed dial, quick search functions, such as Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, and more.

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How to Get Add-ons for Firefox Mobile

Firefox MobileI have been using Firefox on my Droid X phone for a while now and love it.  Sure, there are a few faults to it – but overall Mozilla has done a great job at developing a mobile phone browser, plain and simple.  One issue I ran into early on though was I didn’t know where to get the special add-ons for the mobile version of the browser.  Some add-ons might work in both the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox, but others do not. 

So, where should you turn to get the Mobile Add-ons for your favorite browser?

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