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10 Best Thanksgiving Personas for Firefox

Best Firefox Personas for Fall

It is November 1st, so you know what that means.  Time to break out the Easter decorations, right? No – since our bellies are still filled with Halloween candy, I thought we might take it easy today and just decorate Firefox with a more Thanksgiving-like theme.  I have searched far and wide through tons of Personas to get the very best.

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Best 10 TV and Movie Personas for Firefox

Popular TV and Movie Personas

What are some of the best Personas you can pick up for Firefox from the Film and TV category?  I recently took a trip through some of the user created backgrounds for Firefox, and found ten of the best examples.  These are all Personas I find both usable and fun to look at, and might help lighten the day the next time you launch your favorite browser.

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Personas – More Firefox Customization

Firefox PersonaA few weeks back I got an E-mail from a guy who wanted to know if there was an easy way to customize the toolbar background for Firefox. You know, a simple way for people who just want to do a little personalization – not write an entire theme. Well, even though it is in an early beta I have found a project that will do that and a little more. Personas for Firefox is one of the more interesting Firefox projects I have seen for while.

Personas are lightweight designs that “skin” the Firefox web browser. Delivered as a web service, the menu interface and the Persona designs are exceptionally dynamic, and should allow for a wide range of interesting possibilities.

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