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Make Old Extensions Compatible

When I decided to make the leap to using Firefox’s latest beta (2.0b2) I ran into a problem. A lot of the extensions that I grew to love just crapped out on me. After I had a good cry, I did a little editing and got most of them back up and working. How can you do the same? Well, PerfectBlogger.com has been nice enough to post three ways of making your old extensions compatible with Firefox 2.0b2!

+ Make Your Old Extensions Work Again!

Firefox 2.0 Beta Fixes Tab Overflow

What the heck is tab overflow? I was confused as well:

By this point I think most people know the frustration that I had with how Mozilla handled the scrolling tab-bar in Firefox but it looks like they have found a good solution. By default I can now have a much more reasonable number of tabs open, in the area of 20-30, before the tabs start to scroll. Thank you Mozilla!

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Firefox Nightly Testers

So what do you need to do to become a nightly tester of Firefox? Everybody and their grandmother seems to be excited about getting a sneak peek at the new Firefox 2. The good news for you is that anybody can try out the betas. The even better news is that CyberNet Technology News has put up a guide to get you into the nightly tester experience.

[What You Need To Know To Be A Firefox Nightly Tester]