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Turn Google a Little Blue, Just for YOU!

Feeling a little blue?  Google can too, thanks to this user style!

Google is a Little Blue?

The Google Web Search – dark blue redesign (vC) user style adds a ‘bit of blue to the otherwise white and bland Google background.  To use this style, you will need to install the Stylish extension for Firefox.  Also as the designer points out on the page,  this style only works for google.com. To make it work for other countries, use a plain text editor to search for “google.com” and replace all occurrences with “google.co.uk” or whatever you use.

Aquatint Redone

Here’s a new theme for your favorite Firefox browser – Aquatint Redone!

Aquatint Redone

Here’s a little more information about the theme from the creator:

This is a remake of the original Aquabird by Elric Erekose. It is a very nice looking theme with glassy blue buttons. I have managed to retain most of the original look and feel with some changes which I feel improve the over quality of the theme. Please provide feedback with suggestions and support. Also, check out my remade version of Aquatint for Firefox.

I’d give it four out of five freaky Firefox thumbs up. Now all I need to do is to find three more thumbs to use…

INpact Themes for Firefox

Do you want your browser to make an INpact on your desktop experience? Well if you have Firefox installed you can now pick up these two new INpactful themes to use on your own.

Blue INpact Orange INpact

Want to try them out? Click on the box for the color you want. Should link you right up to the right Web page to get it downloaded. All in all a very unique yet familiar set of themes.

Curacau 3 Theme for Firefox

So what happened to Curacau one and two I bet you are asking. I wish I had the answers. The third of this unknown trilogy if pretty slick looking though. Slick if you like that blue wood feeling.

Curacau 3

It kind of makes me think of a house out by the lake. Why? I have no clue. I figured that would be a lot more interesting than the theme I found last week that made me want to cry. You see I only share with you the best of the best. Curacau 3 – welcome to that exclusive club.

+ Download and Install the Curacau 3 Theme for Firefox!


BlueQuteWhen it comes to Firefox themes, the Qute theme is one of my favorites. Now it looks like somebody has taken this original design and smacked it with some blue here and there. Instead of the multi-colored interface, now everything has a blue tint to it. It is still simple and nice – it is just feeling a little blue now.

+ Download and Install the BlueQute theme for Firefox!

Maxi Firefox 2 Theme

Here is another good theme that has been made for the Firefox 2 general layout. The designer of this theme describes it as a Clean modern theme for Firefox 2. A nice alternative to the default theme since the colors are lighter and easier on the eyes. I don’t know about you, but I think I will have to agree with them on this one.

+ Download the Maxi Theme for Firefox 2!