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Firefox 3’s Colbert Bump was Real!

Not that I had any doubts, but it turns out the Colbert Bump for Firefox 3 was real! For those not knowing what we are speaking of check out the definition of the Colbert Bump for more information.

Here’s what we did:  we looked at downloads of Firefox 3 by users within the U.S. – and then we drilled down to a minute-by-minute view to see what, if anything, could be detected.  At minute 23 of the broadcast, Colbert said, “Firefox 3 just got the Colbert Bump.”  What happened next?

Check out the timeline graph and just in case you missed the plugtastic segment, here it is again:

Firefox 3 Got the Colbert Bump?

Now it all makes more sense, Firefox 3 got the Colbert “bump” so that is why it did so well on Download Day.  If anything, this just adds even a little ‘bit more to the Firefox “cool” factor…

Check out the full episode of The Colbert Report if you need more proof.  Also got to send my personal thanks out to Stephen… call me!