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Attack On The Clones

Have too many tabs open? Sometimes when we are browsing for a while, it is easy to open too many tabs and sometimes open duplicate tabs of the same website. The Attack On The Clones add-on will give you an easy one-click option to clear out all the duplicate tabs you have open.

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The Office Theme for Firefox

Wow, a Firefox theme based on Microsoft Office?  Your first thought might be this theme is about as exciting as a “watching paint dry” extension for the browser.  Thankfully though, I can say it does deliver a pretty nice looking browsing interface.


Extra features: Add one or more of the following pairs of lines to your userChrome.css file to customize your Office theme:

/* change the tab close button to a different and larger close button */ @import url("chrome://global/skin/alt-close-button.css");
/* always use green back/forward buttons */
@import url("chrome://global/skin/alt-nav-buttons.css");

This theme based on Microsoft Office can be picked up on the Firefox Add-ons web site.