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Elog.io Browser Extension

Find the missing attributions with this neat extension for Firefox.  Elog.io makes it easy to search for information about photographs you see while browsing. Authors, titles and licensing information is available for any photograph part of the Elog.io catalog (currently 22 million images from Wikimedia Commons).  With this add-on, you can do this within Firefox.

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Now Accepting Guest Writers!

Guest Posts on Firefox Facts

You have read my thoughts and opinions on Firefox and everything related to Firefox – so why not join me in sharing the word about how awesome this little browser really is.  Starting today, I am going to start accepting guest posts here on Firefox Facts.  So, if you have your own Firefox tutorial, add-on review or anything else Mozilla related that you’d like to share with the over 75,000 visitors that come to FirefoxFacts.com monthly – here is your chance.

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