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Pink Paula Pack Ready for Firefox 3!

Continuing the trend from yesterday of, “Yes, it has made its way to Firefox 3!” we have PinkPaula.  Don’t you remember the pinkest theme that has ever come out for your favorite browser?  Let me remind you. 

PinkPaula Theme for Firefox

It also comes with the integrated about:pink extension, brings a pink themed search engine and additional options.  Plus, did I mention it is pink?  Yeah, this is about as girly of a theme you are going to get for Mozilla’s favorite child and now it is all yours. 

You can pick up the theme via the Firefox Add-ons site or get more information about the project via the official web site.  Now I am off to go watch some old Jean-Claude Van Damme movies so I can feel a little more like a man.

CrystalFox Cute

I am not sure if I really like the idea of my browser being cute. Then again, not sure if I would want it to be overly macho either. Nobody likes a browser with a five-o-clock shadow and a bad attitude. Most people would say Internet Explorer fits that description, not Firefox.

With that now being common knowledge now I have to say I like the CrystalFox Cute theme for Firefox. It is pretty darn cute.

CrystalFox Cute

+ Download and Install the CrystalFox Cute Theme for Firefox!

Baby Blue for Firefox 2

Want another cute and kind of girlie theme for Firefox? Well, from the creators of Pink Paula comes Baby Blue! Now unlike Pink Paula, Baby Blue is a theme I think I could see myself using.

It doesn’t make me feel like I should grow a set of boobs before I can use it. (Yeah, saying that is just asking for hate mail – I know!) It is nice, clean and cute. Everything I look for in a Firefox theme.

Baby Blue Theme

+ Download and Install the Baby Blue Theme for Firefox!