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Best Firefox Wallpaper

Don’t think that Firefox wallpaper can be cool?  I dare you to find Opera, Internet Explorer or even Google Chrome wallpaper that can beat these great desktop decorations.  I’ve decided to start putting together a list of my favorite Firefox wallpapers that I have seen, so you too can decorate your desktop in Mozilla flavored goodness.

Check out these great Firefox inspired wallpapers:

Firefox Wallpaper #1 Firefox Wallpaper #2

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More Firefox Wallpaper to Love

A lot of creative people have done a lot of creative things with the Firefox brand. Having brands all over the place isn’t usually my desktop layout of choice, but wit Firefox I will make an exception. Here are some new Firefox wallpapers that have caught my eye and I think would be perfect for any desktop out there today.

Firefox_wallpaper_by_skribb Firefox_by_FalconNL

FireFox_Wallpaper_Pack_by_FSDown _by_iyanichek

Firefox_Technica_by_bacontheory FieryFox_by_dotacreepy

Want more Firefox wallpaper? Go check out my selections for the five star Firefox wallpaper.

Five Star Firefox Wallpaper

Now I am usually one of those people who do not like having an ad running as my desktop wallpaper. From time to time though, I can make an exception. While there are thousands of wallpapers out there with a Firefox theme – most of them suck. They are ugly and un-inspired as well.

So that is why I thought I would go out on a hunt for Firefox wallpaper I would actually see myself using. I am a pretty picky person, and I think you will be pretty amazed with the result.

Firefox Wallpaper #1 Firefox Wallpaper #2 Firefox Wallpaper #3

Firefox Wallpaper #4 Firefox Wallpaper #5 Firefox Wallpaper #6

Have any other awesome designs that I might have missed? Drop in a comment and let us all know.