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Silvermel is the Best Firefox 3 Theme Yet?

Silvermel might be the best looking design out there for Firefox 3 and it’s e-mailing counterpart, Thunderbird.

screenshot-ff screenshot-tb

Found out about this beauty of a theme via TwisterMC, and if anybody knows about a good looking theme, it is that guy.  Every inch of this theme is skinned from top to bottom with what I can only call “slickness”.  Silvermel seems to be a relation to Charamel – another great looking Firefox theme I hardly knew.

Pick up Silvermel for both Firefox and Thunderbird at silvermel.net.

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WALL•E Theme for Firefox Delights

Awesome Disney Theme! In the need of a futuristic and dark theme featuring the characters from Disney and Pixar’s new movie, WALL•E?

You can pick it up at the Mozilla Add-ons site (will need to register and login though).  Don’t know much about the movie, the the theme is nice no mater if your a fan of the movie or not.

Could probably do without the movie name on the theme, or the Disney/Pixar branding.  I really do like though the dark background with the red icons as highlights.  Makes them stand out without being too distracting.

Download it and give it a shot.  For a promotional theme to get you excited about a movie, this one is pretty delightful.  Whish more movies would get into this type of hype and marketing.  Thanks to TwisterMC for finding this goodie.

Update: Here is the Wall-E theme for Firefox 3: Download Here! (thanks to Pixar Planet!) – check here for instructions on how to install.

Phoenity Aura

I found me a new good looking theme to use, and wanted to share it with you all. I’ve just been using it for a little ‘bit but I like it more the more I use it.

Phoenity Aura

Phoenity Aura is a refreshing new themes that still has be best of the old Firefox layout and design, but gives it a visual kick in the pants when it comes to the icons. So if your not exactly tired of the old Firefox default theme but want a new look – this addon is one you should put into your theme rotation.