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Best Firefox Wallpaper

Don’t think that Firefox wallpaper can be cool?  I dare you to find Opera, Internet Explorer or even Google Chrome wallpaper that can beat these great desktop decorations.  I’ve decided to start putting together a list of my favorite Firefox wallpapers that I have seen, so you too can decorate your desktop in Mozilla flavored goodness.

Check out these great Firefox inspired wallpapers:

Firefox Wallpaper #1 Firefox Wallpaper #2

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Firefox Coming Apart at the Seams Wallpaper

I’ve gone over how difficult it is to find Firefox-themed wallpaper that is really worth my time.  With that said, I have hit another lucky jackpot with this great widescreen selection. Here you have it:

Firefox Wallpaper by Envirotechture

+ Pickup this Firefox Wallpaper via Deviant Art

The full size of the wallpaper is 1920×1200, so should be more than big enough to be resized to fit your own desktop needs.  Want more? Check out:  http://www.firefoxfacts.com/tag/wallpaper/

Firefox Plans to Turn Web Apps into Desktop Apps

Remember Prism?  It was the Mozilla powered application that let you turn any web page into a desktop application.  Not much has happened since it was released, however many other browsers have started looking in that direction (merging the web and the desktop program list).  So what about Firefox?

Turning Web Apps into Desktop Apps

It appears there are plans to include “Prism-like features” into a future release of Firefox.

The plan thus far is to help users discover when they might want to make a web application into a desktop application.  For example, if you use Google Reader a lot – after so many uses, Firefox may suggest to you, “Would you like to make Google Reader a desktop application?” or “Would you like to add Google Reader to your Quick Launch bar?”.

I like the idea – and I can’t wait to see it happen.  How about you?  (Source: Download Squad)

Firefox Nebula Wallpaper

I am not a big fan of logos or marketing on my wallpaper, however even I have been using this beauty.


Found it randomly when surfing through Google images looking for something totally un-related.  Maybe finding treasures like this is better when you don’t look for it, it just finds you… or perhaps that is a little too deep of a rabbit hole to jump down this early in the morning.

You can pick the wallpaper up at Gnome-Look.org, and I have also seen it here too (just in case that first one give you trouble or goes down). 

iPhone’s Google Reader on Your Desktop

Like the iPhone version of Google Reader, but want to bring it to your desktop?  With this quick tip, you can load it up as a sidebar in Firefox – like this:


How do you make it happen?  Drag this link to your bookmarks bar:

Now, right-click the bookmark, and select Properties.  Click the check mark box for loading this bookmark in the sidebar, and then click on the Save Changes button.  Now when you click the bookmark, it should open up the iPhone version of the Google Reader.  The buttons are a little funny, but everything should pretty much work like it does on the iPhone. 

If you want to read more about any story, click on the title, and then to go to the web page for the story or post, click on See original.  This will load up a lightweight version of the site where the story came from.  Not perfect, but still fun to play with and semi-functional to use.

Bonus Tip – drag this link (mini reader) to your bookmarks bar to make it a popup instead.  If you like that, you can read more about the Top 5 Google Popup Bookmarklets on Mitchelaneous.

Five Star Firefox Wallpaper

Now I am usually one of those people who do not like having an ad running as my desktop wallpaper. From time to time though, I can make an exception. While there are thousands of wallpapers out there with a Firefox theme – most of them suck. They are ugly and un-inspired as well.

So that is why I thought I would go out on a hunt for Firefox wallpaper I would actually see myself using. I am a pretty picky person, and I think you will be pretty amazed with the result.

Firefox Wallpaper #1 Firefox Wallpaper #2 Firefox Wallpaper #3

Firefox Wallpaper #4 Firefox Wallpaper #5 Firefox Wallpaper #6

Have any other awesome designs that I might have missed? Drop in a comment and let us all know.

Firefox, the OS?

Could Firefox give Windows a run for it’s money? Well it might seem like an odd idea – but after reading through this post I found over at Lockergnome, maybe it isn’t so odd after all?

So, after searching high and low, trying anything and everything that promised it would work the way I wanted it to, and not the way it forced it to, I stopped at LiteStep. I enjoyed it, but it just was hard to navigate and personalize the way I wanted. So I made Firefox my shell. It’s the best thing I ever did.

+ Read More About Replacing Explorer With Firefox!