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How Can We Improve Firefox Facts?

Firefox Facts has been around a long time.  As some of you might know, this website’s roots come from back when I worked at Lockergnome.  It was Chris Pirillo’s idea to create this website and the free ebook at the time and since then it has turned into one of the most popular Firefox tips websites out there today.  However, now I need your help.  I would like to hear your feedback about how I can improve Firefox Facts and make it better for you.

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Firefox Facts Feedback Wanted!

Hello all, I have a short and simple personal message to toss in with our regular scheduled postings.  I know for a few months back there, the number of posts here really fell a little flat while I dealt with a number of personal issues and triumphs.

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The Downfall of Personas

Now, Firefox’s new Personas feature has seem taken off really well.  Each time I visit the Personas web site, there are more and more backgrounds to use for Firefox.  So with such a good start, what will be the downfall of the Personas?

It all comes down to quantity over quality.  Some of these backgrounds just are not any good.  The same could be said for many Firefox themes too, but with Personas – there are a few simple things that could go a long way before you submit it for the public, that would be so easy to check into.

For example, look at this:

Can You Read This?

I am not going to use a Persona where I can’t read anything inside of the browser. 

Other annoyances would be having text in the background, having the background be too busy, and general “why the heck did you think that would make a good background” questions of designing competence.

So you tell me, what makes for a better Firefox Persona or have you been turned off my many of the ugly background out there? Post your feedback and thoughts in the comments.

Welcome Firefox 3.5! Join the Party!

firefox The day a new Firefox version comes out is always a fun day for me, because right now I feel like a little kid on Christmas, waiting to get to open his presents.  Today is the day that Firefox 3.5 is released to the public!

This year I hesitated to download any of the release candidates, because they always seem to spoil some of the surprise.  So, like many of you, I am anxiously awaiting Mozilla’s web site update that says Firefox 3.5 is ready for download.

9:43 AM CST – Firefox 3.5 is out via Mozilla’s web site!

Firefox 3.5 Final - Download Link

Go here to download.  Be sure to add a comment and leave us your first impressions of the newest version of Firefox!

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Become a Test Pilot for Mozilla

Mozilla Test Pilot Project Ever want to become a test pilot?  Mozilla Labs has announced a new project with that name that sounds very interesting.  Test Pilot, still in the planning stages right now, will help give the Mozilla developers more information about how you use Firefox, so that they can learn from your feedback to make things better. 

The opt-in project will give anonymous information about your Firefox usage. 

After either a specified amount of time or upon completion of a specific action, Test Pilot will prompt the user for feedback. The feedback form will only ask a few questions selected from a much larger set. A link will be provided to provided more comprehensive unstructured feedback or bug reports.

The feedback question will be randomly distributed to make sure they reach a wide enough demographic as well.   The information will then be posted automatically to the Test Pilot web site.  What do participants get?  They will receive a flight badge on their Test Pilot profile and will be able to embed this badge on their web site, social networking profile and more. 

For more information on the project, check out the Mozilla Labs post on the topic and if you are interested in discussing it with others, be sure to check out the Mozilla Labs forum on the Test Pilot program.

Feedback Needed, How Many Posts?

I’ve got a quick question for all the wonderful Firefox Facts fans out there. In a dream world, where you got everything you ever wanted – how many posts a day would you like to see here on FirefoxFacts.com? Leave a comment and take our poll to let me know your thoughts.

Also if you have any other feedback to share, feel free to pass it to me here too in comment form. Always love to hear all of it, good, bad and Internet Explorer.. umm I mean ugly.

Finally Firing Up Firefox 3

I took the leap (actually would call it more of a hop) to try Firefox 3. I’ve done my best to say away but couldn’t do it any longer. Now is this going to turn Mozilla on it’s head or just be a little update nobody cares about?

Well, with style – you see more of the same. That isn’t always a bad thing though. Sure we all like flashy new interfaces, and Firefox 3 has optimized and changed a few things around. Firefox was never designed to be pretty (that is what themes are for). Firefox is optimized for getting things done. Continue Reading →

Want a New FirefoxFacts.com?

I have been reconsidering the idea of changing up the Firefox Facts web site.

If I were to do so – what would you like to see changed, removed, added and updated? I am open to any and all suggestions so feel free to just start one big comment post here and give me all the feedback you have. This web site is for you – so I want to make sure you are getting what you want, what you need and what you love.

Thanks! As always I appreciate each and every one of our readers here and look forward to bringing in some more.

Pirillo Talks About the Fox

The GnomeAlthough I might not agree with him on everything that he has posted about, I do have to say that I don’t think that Chris is in anybody’s pocket and he really is looking out for the consumer side of the Web. Usually when people start blasting Firefox for this, that or the other I roll my eyes but Chris puts up a good argument that I think anybody might enjoy reading no mater what browser you use.

Scott Gilbertson kindly interviewed me for his article: More Firefox Bloat- Say It Ain’t So, Mozilla. I offered so much more than a single sentence to his original query, so I thought I’d pass along the discourse (and my own self-correction) here…

Firefox fan or not – check out Pirillo’s post. It’s well worth your time.

Firefox on Mac Feedback

I have noticed a comment or two here and a post or two somewhere else that Firefox seems to give Mac users some trouble. Now in the future, it has been promised that things should get better (by the time Firefox 3 rolls out) but some do not want to wait. If you feel like you have a good opinion to share about the Apple/Firefox experience, I have a place where you can go sound off.

+ Post Your Mac-related Firefox Feedback!

Now this is no official means of support, but if I know the Firefox crew they will love to hear the feedback no matter where it is posted or how it gets to them.