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Firefox Rumors, Hearsay and Links

Since it is the end of the year, Firefox news is hard to find. I went out and did the almost impossible though, and found a handful of goodies worth checking into. On with the linkage…

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Making Video on the Web Easier

Video on the WebWant to view, edit, publish video for the Web without worrying about having the right plugin, or doing the right version for the right people depending on the video method they like the most?

Well both Mozilla and the Opera people are getting behind a movement to do just that.

Looks like the solution will be to use some open source technology mixed with a new tag to make embedding video in web pages easier.

Opera and Mozilla officials say the changes to their browsers will offer a new level of ease for Web developers using open-source tools to embed and stream their video. If video encoded in Ogg Theora plays directly in the browser, everyday Internet surfers would not have the burden of downloading extra plug-ins for their browser to play the video.

A lot of other good points are made in this PC World article on the topic. We don’t need a plugin to view images – why should we need one to watch video?

Released: Firefox 3 Beta 1

This is something everybody and their grandmother will be covering over the next few days, so I thought I should say something about it. Firefox 3 Beta 1 is now ready for testing. Still for “testing purposes only” this version promises to deliver…

  • Improved security features such as: better presentation of website identity and security, malware protection, stricter SSL error pages, anti-virus integration in the download manager, and version checking for insecure plugins.
  • Improved ease of use through: better password management, easier add-on installation, new download manager with resumable downloading, full page zoom, animated tab strip, and better integration with Windows Vista and Mac OS X.
  • Richer personalization through: one-click bookmarking, smart search bookmark folders, direct typing in location bar searches your history and bookmarks for URLs and page titles, ability to register web applications as protocol handlers, and better customization of download actions for file types.
  • Improved platform features such as: new graphics and font rendering architecture, major changes to the HTML rendering engine to provide better CSS, float-, and table layout support, native web page form controls, colour profile management, and offline application support.
  • Performance improvements such as: better data reliability for user profiles, architectural improvements to speed up page rendering, over 300 memory leak fixes, and a new XPCOM cycle collector to reduce entire classes of leaks.

List of feature courtesy of developer.mozilla.org.

+ Download Firefox 3 Beta 1! 

Spread Firefox with Really Big Stickers!

Help Spread Firefox!

Want to help spread the word about Firefox using huge stickers? Well yes, it might sound a little odd but this is Mozilla’s newest marketing tool for our favorite browser.

You’ve been drafted to be a part of Operation Firefox.

Are you ready to infiltrate society and spread Firefox one sticker at a time? Operation Firefox is currently recruiting agents to place huge 3.5’ Firefox stickers where the world will see them. In addition to worldwide notoriety, you might wind up with a new MacBook Pro or a Nintendo Wii.

Sounds like pretty good prizes to me. It should also be interesting to watch where these stickers start to pop up all around the world.

The contest is two-tiered: first, we’re putting out a call for the 50 best “placements” for these stickers (due November 9th). Then, the most creative agents will receive a fathead sticker to complete their mission: take a photograph and submit before December 3rd. All 50 photos will be displayed on the Operation Firefox website, but the four best ones will receive a new MacBook Pro or Nintendo Wii.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and help spread the word.

Firefox Headlines of the Week

Sure I might have spent some of this week missing in action, but I still have the top headlines for you that happened this past week in the world of Firefox.

Mozilla Goes Mobile? – I think Firefox would make the perfect mobile browser for a slew of devices out there.

Vote for the Next Mozilla Store Item! – The choice is yours, what would you like to see come next from the Mozilla Store?

Pirillo Offers Holy Grail to Firefox Configurations – I really think Chris is a closet Firefox fan.

How to Turn Your Browser Into a Weapon – Turn Firefox into a feature-filled, Web-hacking weapon of mass destruction! Mwhaha!

A Motherboard with Embedded Firefox – The Firefox Web browser (running on an embedded Linux operating system) burned into ROM via the motherboard – now that is geeky and awesome rolled into one. Geewesome!