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Firefox 3 Themes Get Named

According to Mozilla Links, the new line of Firefox 3 themes all have their own names now:  Tango!, Strata, and Firelight.


Personally, I think I might like the Tango one the best.  The other day played with Strata some but still not a big fan of it.  I am sure it will also be only a matter of time before people release “classic” versions to make the theme look more like Firefox 2.

Tired of these themes?  Try a few of the best new ones out there!

WALL•E Theme for Firefox Delights

Awesome Disney Theme! In the need of a futuristic and dark theme featuring the characters from Disney and Pixar’s new movie, WALL•E?

You can pick it up at the Mozilla Add-ons site (will need to register and login though).  Don’t know much about the movie, the the theme is nice no mater if your a fan of the movie or not.

Could probably do without the movie name on the theme, or the Disney/Pixar branding.  I really do like though the dark background with the red icons as highlights.  Makes them stand out without being too distracting.

Download it and give it a shot.  For a promotional theme to get you excited about a movie, this one is pretty delightful.  Whish more movies would get into this type of hype and marketing.  Thanks to TwisterMC for finding this goodie.

Update: Here is the Wall-E theme for Firefox 3: Download Here! (thanks to Pixar Planet!) – check here for instructions on how to install.

Metal Lion Theme Goes to Firefox 3

Still haven’t seen many, but hope to see more. What am I concerned with? Classic Firefox 2 themes that we have all known and loved on Firefox 3. It is not secret that news about themes have dropped some here and elsewhere due to the change from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 but now it looks like Metal Lion is crossing the line.

Metal Lion – Andromeda gives Firefox 3 a classic sleek look, with your shinny blue icons. If the rest of you desktop is blue, this is the perfect fit for you. Ok, maybe I might be a little short on words for this design but it is a good one so lets let it speak for itself.

Chatting About Theme Design with TwisterMc

Interview with TwisterMc

It isn’t every day that we get the chance to pick the brain and converse with probably one of the most popular Firefox theme designers (and all around pretty cool guy) TwisterMc.  He is best known for the iPox series of themes he has done for Firefox, but also has several other projects worth checking into when you get the time.

To many you are only known as TwisterMc, the brilliant designer that does all those iPox themes for Firefox. Where did the nickname come from?

TwisterMc: I’ve always been fascinated with the weather and especially tornados; even though I’ve never seen one. When it came time to get my own domain, I wanted something that had to do with weather. Since twister was already taken, I added Mc from my last name and came up with TwisterMc.

Where do you draw your inspiration or ideas from when it comes to sitting down and designing a theme from scratch?

TwisterMc: I get inspiration from everything. It could be a web site I came across, cool packaging or just the result of trying a few designs and seeing what I like.

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Firefox Themes with Version 3?

Looking for Firefox 3 Themes?  Check out the Best 5 Firefox Themes HERE!

Mozilla, do we have a problem?


I have a feeling I am not the only one who is wondering about this one.  What will happen to all the current Firefox themes once Firefox 3 goes final?  It seems like a handful of theme designers are having issues with getting their themes to look right with the new Firefox 3 interface.  Will they all have to start from scratch again?

The above screen shot was taken from TwisterMc – who is describing his own issues getting the iPox theme to work correctly.

Finger Licking Good – hmmXP

Simple, yet different the hmmXP theme makes a perfect companion for Firefox.

hmmmXP Theme

No huge distractions here. It is simple, lightweight but still gives you that visual refresh you might be looking for when changing your Firefox theme around. The light blueish-purple is a welcome too as it is all very pleasing to the eye. Mix that with the hint of green and the theme – it is delicious. I would lick it if I could, but I have a feeling my monitor wouldn’t like that too much.

The Week in Hidden Firefox Links

Been a while since I traveled outside of the Firefox Facts village to go seek out goodies from around the Mozilla world. There are more than a few this week, so enjoy – and if you have anymore you can pass them back to me in the comments.

The Best Stuff You Didn’t See Here This Week:

Firefox Media of the Week:

A New FireFox Security Problem

Kid Friendly Scribblies

Scribbles - Plain ThemeWhen looking for kid friendly themes, there are not that many to choose from out there. The best of the best, better than all the rest is the Scribblies set of themes for Firefox. For more kid friendly themes check out Percy’s suggestions over at Mozilla Links.

Try out Scribblies Plain for a dull background but fun icons!

Need something more colorful? Try Scribbles Brite!

Also can’t forget about Scribblies Kids for an alternative look and feel!

I really love the entire line of Scribblies themes for Firefox. Which one is your favorite?  Maybe you’ll have an easier time picking a favorite than me.