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Phoenity Aura

I found me a new good looking theme to use, and wanted to share it with you all. I’ve just been using it for a little ‘bit but I like it more the more I use it.

Phoenity Aura

Phoenity Aura is a refreshing new themes that still has be best of the old Firefox layout and design, but gives it a visual kick in the pants when it comes to the icons. So if your not exactly tired of the old Firefox default theme but want a new look – this addon is one you should put into your theme rotation.

Good, Bad and Ugly – Firefox Micro Themes

Smaller Firefox ThemesI promise to deliver you the shortest tiny Firefox theme roundup you will find anywhere on the World Wide Web. There are tons of themes out there, as you have seen through the years here on Firefox Facts but some themes are a lot smaller than most. They still pack the same punch, but for the true minimalist – these are the themes you must have to maximize your browsing space.

  • miniFox & miniFoxFlat – both pretty to look at and still functional to use. both also have the same basic look and style.
  • Classic Compact – seen pictured above, gives you a smaller version of the default theme.
  • Le Breeze – tiny and not distracting in the least, it will help you keep your attention the web page you are viewing and not the browser your using.
  • Nautipolis – not on any of my real top 10 lists (sorry gnome guys), it is small but kinda ugly to boot.
  • Microfirefox – another slightly ugly, yet functional tiny them.
  • Littlefox – looks like a clone of Nautipolis, where’s the difference?

Know of a great looking (and small) theme I might have missed? Please let me know about it. I like the idea of having a smaller Firefox interface to look at – I just have yet to really find the theme that pulls it all together for me.

Personas, Make Firefox Better… Looking!

Quick Theming with PersonasFirefox Personas is back! I’ve seen a handful of blogs covering this re-launch I guess you could call it all weekend long. It is an awesome project and I am happy to see it is getting a little more time in the sun. Personas are lightweight designs that “skin” the Firefox web browser. Delivered as a web service, the menu interface and the Persona designs are exceptionally dynamic, and should allow for a wide range of interesting possibilities.

Here are a couple of points that make Personas a winner:

  • You can select a Persona from the dynamic menus and see results instantly without having to discover, select, download or install a separate bit of software or code.
  • Personas can be added, removed or updated by their designers at any time, without requiring a software update.

Personas menu

Personas = Future of Firefox?

The bigger idea behind Personas though that I think Mozilla is really looking at is generating a part of the browser from the Web. The Persona selector is dynamically loaded and populated from a JSON feed and all designs are loaded via URLs to remote resources.

I have to think that they would love to be able to deliver more content, tools and services this way. With that said is Personas really a preview of Firefox 4 (maybe Firefox 5) or is it just a neat tool to change your browser look and feel of your browser?

Another point worth bringing up is it does work with a handful of other Firefox themes out there (other than Firefox’s default theme). To get an example of this go download the Cylence Theme : Emerald Variation. If Personas grow in popularity theme designers might want start taking note if their theme works with Personas or not.

Best of Firefox Facts for 2007

Best of 2007Looking back at 2007 there were a lot of great “facts” shared here on FirefoxFacts.com – and all in all we have had a good year for both Mozilla maniacs and fans of this site too.

Going by RSS subscription numbers we have gone from 598 in December of 2006 to 2,785 today.

Yes, the next big goal is to reach 3,000 subscribers. Month by month here are my picks for the best facts shared with all of you.

January – Super Mario Bros 3 Firefox Theme

February – Quicker Searching in Firefox

March – Five Star Firefox Wallpaper

April – Add Google Notebook to Sidebar

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Extero – Clean, Yet Different Theme

Extero Theme for Firefox

The Extero theme for Firefox is something mixed between a stylish vibe and a familiar face.

TwisterMC is at it again with another off the wall – yet creatively inspiriting Firefox theme that I am sure more than a few of you will enjoy.

Here is how he describes the theme:

I tried to take a different avenue with extero and break away from the norm just a little bit. It’s not crazy different, but there are some oddities that make extero unique.

Overall yet another that deserves to be in anybody’s collection.

Top 5 Links on Firefox this Week

This week went by too quickly, so the links are not plentiful – but they are good. You come here for the quality though and not the numbers right?

As always, if you have a headline or two to send my way, feel free to send it to mitch@mitchkeeler.com. I’ll take the best of the best, and leave out the rest.

3 Ugliest (yet Popular) Firefox Themes

Why are so many of the Firefox themes out there on the popular list so darn ugly? Here are just a few examples of some of the “most popular” themes out there. So ugly you might want to slap your mama and go back to Microsoft. Now that is ugly.

Ugly Red ThemeBloodFire

What is red, black and kinda hard to use? This Firefox theme! Now I do not meant to hurt feelings here but I kinda like to be able to have a peaceful and calm Firefox experience. This one makes me feel like I need to sit in a dark empty cellar and write this by candle light.

Ugly Old FactoryOldFactory Black

With all the rustic switches and knobs, this one has the “hey this looks cool” part of the theme down – but when it is all said and done, it is really hard to use. The old-fashioned theme for a modern browser….. I always thought that was the title for all those Internet Explorer themes out there.

Creepy Red Cats!Red Cats (blue flavor)

I hate cats – they freak me out. Didn’t you ever watch or read Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye story. They just give me the creeps… My deepest apologies to the cat people out there I just can’t give this theme any love. The fact that it is cute isn’t winning any points with me either.

This all leaves me with this thought, maybe I should do a countdown or review before the end of the year of the real best looking themes that are out there. Then again, I guess best and popular don’t always fit together all that well.

Microsoft Inspired Firefox Themes

Hard to think that there are more than a few Microsoft inspired themes out there for the Firefox browser. Now I have no real hate towards everybody’s favorite monopoly – but it is always amusing to poke fun at the biggest dog in the yard.

Want to go back to the Office?

Office Firefox ThemeNow I don’t know too many people who say, “I’m such a big fan of Office, I wished all my apps looked like this!” but love it or hate it, the Office look makes for a pretty nice Firefox theme. If your looking for that traditional Microsoft look – but with a little class and style the Office theme for Firefox might be the download you have been looking for.

Stick it up your aero, Vista!

Vista-aeroOur next Firefox theme inspired by the Microsoft machine looks like it fell out of Windows Vista. If your a big fan of the way the new Internet Explorer 7 looks then the Vista-areo theme might be up your alley. Sleek blue style with that Microsoft glow.

Crappy, yet classic Microsoft style…

Looks FamiliarNow this is the style that you know and love. No wait, does anybody really love the classic and familiar look of IE6? No – it couldn’t be.. could it? Well if you do fall in that camp then the Looks Familiar theme for Firefox is a download you might want to do in private. Close the blinds though and make sure nobody sees you using it.

PinkHope – Your Pink Flavor for Firefox

This theme is much more than a unique pink blissful experience of browsing and hotness. PinkHope was created to spread awareness for breast cancer.

PinkHope Firefox Theme

Here are some words from the TwistedMc behind it.

I’ve been talking about making PinkHope into it’s own unique theme for a while now and I finally did it. It now sports a pink background behind the tool, address, status and tab bars. Even the background of the address and search bars is now pink.

Need more pink Firefox themes? Might take a look at an old favorite Pink Paula.

Urethane Light for Firefox

Not often to I find “slick” looking themes that I like. Heck, most of the time I am still using the Firefox default just because it doesn’t mind being customized as much as some of the others out there do. Now with that in mind, I nearly had my mind blown by Urethane Light. For a slick and shinny theme, it is innovative and beautiful at the same time.

Urethane Light

Here are the installation instructions:

1. Download the .jar file to a place where you can access it easily.
2. In Firefox, drag+drop the .jar file into Tools>Add-ons under the “Themes” tab.
3. The theme should begin to auto-install.
4. Once installation completes, select “Use Theme” and restart Firefox.

Another nice alternative theme from an alternative web site. Urethane Light’s slickness has won me over.