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Clear Fields

Clearing out my text fields isn’t exactly a problem that keeps me up at night. Honestly, I had not realized how much time I had spent clearing them out one by one till I installed the Clear Fields Firefox extensions. Clear Fields makes short and simple work out of clearing all your text box woes.

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Server Switcher

Ever needed to switch between two servers when working on a Web site? The Server switcher allows you to switch between a development server and a live server, so you an see the differences in your work. For folks that spend a lot of time in web development, this extension is one they must have.

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Firefox Nightly Testers

So what do you need to do to become a nightly tester of Firefox? Everybody and their grandmother seems to be excited about getting a sneak peek at the new Firefox 2. The good news for you is that anybody can try out the betas. The even better news is that CyberNet Technology News has put up a guide to get you into the nightly tester experience.

[What You Need To Know To Be A Firefox Nightly Tester]

Firefox = E-Learning Tool

Firefox makes a great companion when it comes to e-learning. No matter if you are taking Online classes or just doing a little self teaching, you need a good set of tools to help you in the experience. Over at e-Literate they have listed some very helpful extensions to make your e-learning even better.

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