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When Australis came out, it looks like they forgot to give the bookmarks bar the signature Australis look. This addon seeks to do just that. It removes the label from the bookmark item, creating much more room but it doesn’t clutter the toolbar. It avoids this clutter by giving the bookmark buttons the same styling seen on the “Navigation Bar” buttons.

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3 Great Proxy Add-ons for Firefox

Need a great proxy add-on for Firefox? I have found 3 of the best out there today.  Proxy add-ons come in handy for lots of reasons.  The biggest reason is they allow you to browse more anonymously.  Check out these proxy extensions and let me know which one is your favorite.

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With the Wibbitz add-on (beta) you can turn text articles from the top news websites into short video summaries that will save you a lot of energy and time. We currently support 200 news feeds from the major online publishers including Yahoo News, CNN, USA Today, The Telegraph and many more.

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