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Asa Addresses Holes in PC World

Firefox Security Fight? One of my favorite Mozilla personalities, Asa Dotzler posted an article the other day debunking a lot of F.U.D. about Firefox and how it is the “new security threat” we should all be worried about, according to an article on PC World’s web site.  Not often do I sit and read, thinking to myself, “Haha, yeah booyyy!” and “Take that!” but Asa did a great job at taking apart this guy’s argument.

You can check out Asa’s thoughts and the PC World article and make your own decision though.  In the red corner from PC World we have Stuart J. Johnson…

“Many people are switching from Internet Explorer to alternative browsers such as Firefox and Safari. Though that might make them feel more secure, the shift has also opened new doors for bad guys.”

In the blue corner, from Mozilla we have Asa Dotzler!

“Stuart J. Johnston, over at PC World’s Bugs and Fixes column, does a fabulous job confusing and unnecessarily alarming Firefox users, while at the same time conflating the valuable contributions being made by the ethical security researcher community with the malicious activities of “bad guy” hackers. That’s quite an accomplishment in just 500 words.”

Who is your money on? 

2 New Firefox Flaws

It looks like Firefox has two new flaws that I think we should all be aware of. Both of them for the advanced Firefox user, might not be so hard to fall for – but for some others out there, it could be a real issue.

The first one, affects internal frames behavior and could help a malicious web site to spoof another one or capture key presses.

As the old game show host might say, that’s not all! You also get…

The second vulnerability, overrides the timeout Firefox sets for installing extensions and downloading files and could lead to a user inadvertently downloading a malicious file or program.

You can read more about the flaws at MozillaLinks.org.