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Feel like somebody is watching over your shoulder? Is Big Brother really out to get you?

If that is the case, you need a healthy injection of Anti-Paranoia into your life.

Takes all your doubts and gives you confidence. Especially if you are working on security, you might get the feeling that your part of something really big and maybe even evil. How can your extension help me? It will pop up calmative messages for you to feel relaxed while browsing the web.

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Just a Browser?

First things first, you all have to check this out.

Firefox Comic

Alright, I have been missing in action a few days due to the holidays, but now since they are almost all gone I can get back to work here and my various other projects that you watch me at. I have enjoyed my little vacation – but I am itching to start posting again.

No matter how badly I wanted to not look at Firefox related stuff for a while, it just kept coming back to me.

Mozilla Song Book

Beyond IE, lalala far from Opera
Go on, Mozilla, with the Internet
Mozilla is good, lalala child of the org
Open-Sourced, Mighty Mozilla

Open a new tab, lalala watching new mail
OK, Mozilla, no more freezing
Mozilla is right, lalala child of the org
Gecko-powered, Mighty Mozilla

On a Macintosh, lalala Linux, of course
Everyday, Mozilla, keeping the standard
Mozilla is fun, lalala child of the org
Everyone’s friend, Mighty Mozilla

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