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Make Firefox Family Friendly

Glubble - Family Friendly BrowserUnlike most parental software you can put on your PC, I think Glubble might stand a chance to really do some good. Glubble is an attempt at making a kid friendly version of the Firefox browser. To get it up and running, all you need to do is to install an extension. Its just that simple

Glubble Trusted Surfing for children under 12 years of age enables families to be sure they only see the best of the web they choose to allow.

Glubble Altered Search makes Google and Yahoo show results from childrens trusted Glubbleworld instead of the world wide web.

Child friendly look and feel with interfaces for pre-reading and reading age young children.

I have two nephews and a niece, and I think they really should get started pretty soon with being used to the idea of getting on the Web. I might have to give Glubble an official kid test with them to see if it is a keeper or not.

Give it a shot, and for more information check out this article about it via the TechCrunch crew.