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Bringing the God of War to Firefox

Are you a big fan of the God of War series of video games?  If so, another big fan has made a Firefox theme for you to use.  Check out the new (and obviously named) God of War theme for Firefox.

Firefox of War? Nice New Theme!

Overall, I really like the detail they went into with this theme, it looks like no menu was left un-turned.  However, the icons (even in small icon mode) are still pretty large and in charge.  If they could edit those down some, this one would rank up there with some of the other great video game inspired Firefox themes.  Here is a closer look at some of the icons that have been customized for this theme:

Kid Tested, Kratos Approved

With a little tweaking, this theme could be number one.  So if you like God of War, and you like Firefox themes with big interfaces – then, you have found your perfect theme to use. You can pick up the God of War theme for Firefox over at the Firefox Add-ons web site.