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Halloween Themes for Firefox

Halloween is on Friday, is your browser ready?  There are not many scary themes out there ready for my favorite holiday of the year.  Here are a few extra spooky ones though to get you through ol’ hallow’s eve.  Curl up with your favorite scary movie and enjoy!

halloween-theme-1 halloween-theme-2

Need a few more dark and stylish themes?

If you know of anymore spooky Halloween-ish themes, be sure to comment and share.

2 Halloween Themes for October

I really like Halloween, it might be my favorite holiday of the year. It has always seemed to be that way with me, not sure exactly why. Don’t know if it is all the scary stuff, the dressing up or the fact my birthday is in the same month.

Since I am in the spirit of the holiday though I thought I would toss you a few Firefox themes that would help you celebrate right along with the rest of us.

HalloFFHalloFF – Created by TwisterMc this theme gives you some orange, some black and a little Jack Skellington tossed in for good measure. Go ahead, lick your browser – bet it taste better now that a caramel covered apple.

Halloween ThemeHalloween – This theme gives you that traditional Halloween look (it had better with that name) and you don’t even have to worry about kids putting flaming bags of poo at your doorstep. I say it is a win win situation.

Wish there were more – maybe this year will inspire a few new creations from the Firefox themers out there?

Update! I found another one for you.


pumpkin_small.jpgNow I want a pumpkin like this on October 31!

With pumpkin season close upon us, and with Halloween only a few weeks away, it may be time to start making plans – and maybe some stencils.

Can you beat this jack-o-lantern from last year with one of your own? Better start practicing now.

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