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Scroll the Google News Headlines in Your Firefox Sidebar

You can load up Google News in your Firefox sidebar.  This quick tip and tweak will give you the ability to check out the iPhone optimized Google News in your Firefox sidebar.  This makes scrolling through the day’s news an even quicker and easier experience.

  Google News Sidebar

How do you make it happen?  Drag this link to your bookmarks bar:

Now, right-click the bookmark, and select Properties.  Click the check mark box for loading this bookmark in the sidebar, and then click on the Save Changes button.  Now when you click the bookmark, it should open up the iPhone version of the Google News. 

To use it, click on Front Page to get all the big news stories of the day, and then click on Sections to find specific news about a certain topic, such as World News, Sci/Tech, and more.  The search is also usable, to find news about anything you might be thinking about at the time. 

Bonus Tip – drag this link (mini news) to your bookmarks bar to make it a popup version instead.  If you like that, you can read more about the Top 5 Google Popup Bookmarklets on Mitchelaneous.

Firefox Headlines of the Week

Sure I might have spent some of this week missing in action, but I still have the top headlines for you that happened this past week in the world of Firefox.

Mozilla Goes Mobile? – I think Firefox would make the perfect mobile browser for a slew of devices out there.

Vote for the Next Mozilla Store Item! – The choice is yours, what would you like to see come next from the Mozilla Store?

Pirillo Offers Holy Grail to Firefox Configurations – I really think Chris is a closet Firefox fan.

How to Turn Your Browser Into a Weapon – Turn Firefox into a feature-filled, Web-hacking weapon of mass destruction! Mwhaha!

A Motherboard with Embedded Firefox – The Firefox Web browser (running on an embedded Linux operating system) burned into ROM via the motherboard – now that is geeky and awesome rolled into one. Geewesome!

Mozilla Growing Pains and Other Helpful Links

Firefox Growing PainsLooks like the big Firefox story of the day is that they are suffering from growing pains?

I really hope that now Firefox has a decent market size that everybody doesn’t start to turn on them for the next “new great hope”. Then again, that’s how much of the media works and part of the reason for Firefox’s rise in the first place. Ah well, enjoy the links.

If you have any more interesting ones be sure to send them my way.

infoRSS – Feed Reading Ticker

It seems like nearly every day there is a new tool that sheads new light on this feed reading revolution. Every time you think that all the ideas have been maxed out, something comes along to redefine the way you look at news and headlines again. What is it this time around? The Firefox extension, infoRSS might be the feed reading solution for you.

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