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Disable HTML5 Fullscreen Alert

There are a lot of great things with the adaptation of the HTML5 flash video players out there.  However, they do come with some new annoyances too.  One of the biggest annoyances would have to be the alert or warning you get when you take a video window and make it full screen.  This extension for Firefox will disable that effect.

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YouTube Plus Plus

The YouTube Plus Plus extension for Firefox is brilliant. You can watch a video while you search another one on the same page. Thanks to HTML5, you can easily create playlists and save them locally.

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Android New Tab

New tab page for Android style is a based on HTML5 Firefox add-ons, which developed refer the popular Android UI. It provides speed dial, quick search functions, such as Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, and more.

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Web O’ Wonder

Firefox 4 Design DemosWant to experience the future of the Web, today? Taking it’s lead from the famous "World of Tomorrow" events you used to see boasted about at the old World’s Fairs – this new website from Mozilla acts as a showcase of demos for what Firefox 4 can do.

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Firefox 3.7 Beats IE, Chrome and Opera

Let us end this week with one more win in the Firefox column.

Browser Comparison

Over at Download Squad, they have been doing some really interesting browser testing.  In a 4-way HTML5 speed test, Firefox 3.7 beat Internet Explorer 9, Opera and Chrome.  The Video really speaks for itself, but if you want to learn more – be sure to check out this post over at DownloadSquad.com.