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Image and Flash Blocker

What does the Image and Flash Blocker do? It allows user to block images and/or flash elements on a page. ,In 1 click you can choose if you want to see images or flash,it can help you to free fast surf and stop seeing ads.

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Double-click Image Downloader

The Double-click Image Downloader adds a new and interesting feature to the browser.  Double-clicking any image will download it to your default download directory and give it the filename it has online. Shift-double-clicking will send it to the last used directory instead of the default. Existing files will be overwritten!

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QR Code Image Generator

QR Code Image Generator lets you Create a QR Code of the selected text or current URL. You can customize images with different colors and sizes. New to this add-on is a shortcut with CTRL-SHIFT-Q to quickly see the QR Code for the current URL. Also possible to create a QR Code from free text within Firefox.

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Search by Image

Found an image on the web that you’re curious about? With this extension, you can initiate a search on Google using pictures on the web. You can discover photos of places, learn more about art pieces, identify landmarks, and more.

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Add More Image Search Options to Firefox

Image Search Options ReviewImage Search Options provides a set of highly customizable reverse image search context menu options. This Firefox Extension adds a set of customizable context menu options to the right click menu of images. These options allow for fast and efficient use of the IQDB, SauceNAO, TinEye, GazoPa, Ascii2D, Cydral, Yandex, Baidu, Google, (etc…) reverse image search engines.

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Image Block

Image Block adds a toggle button that conditionally blocks/allows loading of images on webpages. Blocking images results in faster browsing, especially helpful on handheld devices or slower connections like GSM/GPRS/EDGE dial-up etc.

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PictuTools Review for FirefoxPictuTools adds quick and easy access to online image manipulation tools to Firefox. It implements a context-menu which shown when over images and gives quick access to online services providing image manipulation tools, it also lets you re-share images, or get information from them.

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Old Default Image Style

Old Default Image Style in FirefoxWere you upset when Firefox changed the way it started to show regular images in the browser?  I don’t mean on a webpage, but when you look at a single image after typing it’s location into the address bar. Bug 376997 added a stylesheet to top-level images that forces the background to black and centers the image. This extension removes the stylesheet, returning the background to your configured default and removing the centering.

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Find Image Attributes With Image Spider

Find Image Attributes in Firefox

Want to know specific details about an image you are looking at?  You can quickly find an image’s width and height with the Image Spider add-on for Firefox.

Now I can not see where this would be useful for your normal day to day Firefox users.  I can see where it could serve as an important tool for web site designers.  For any image on a website you can pull up details such as the width, height, natural width, natural height, and HTML elements such as the alt, title tag and border tags.

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