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Turn Firefox into Internet Explorer

Firefox vs IE7Love it or hate it, you can not argue with the fact that some people like the basic look and feel of Internet Explorer 7. To give it a little ‘bit of credit, it is different than it’s previous versions and does get the job done. Now if you like the IE7 interface, but your using Firefox – most would say your out of luck. Not me though!

What if you could turn your Firefox browser into Microsoft’s browsing behemoth?

The IE Look-a-like Contenders

There are a number of Vista/IE7 inspired themes for Firefox out there, as we have touched on that topic before. Vista-aero claims to be the most IE7-like theme with the Vista aero style. Then you have myFireFox who’s claim to fame is perfectly simulating Internet Explorer 7+ by far. It can work perfectly in Widnows Vista Ultimate.

Is it Firefox or Internet Explorer 7?

Tweakable IE Themes?

Did you know though that using either of these two themes comes with an extra perk? If you are doing so I would also highly suggest picking up the myFireFox & Vista-aero Modifier extension. It will allow you to edit key parts of the theme not accessible to your usual drag and drop default personalization from Firefox itself. Here are some of the tweaks you can make:

  • Change the Theme Color
  • Change the Tab Bar Icons and Functions
  • Show or Hide Search and Zoom
  • Make the Default Tab Icon Different

Any Internet Explorer 6 Fans Out There? Now for those of you who might miss Internet Explorer 6 – there is one alternative for you too. Check out the Looks Familiar theme to reclaim that design for Firefox.

Use Internet Explorer and Firefox

If there any reason why you can not use more than one browser? No. A lot of folks get caught up in being “uber fans” though and don’t realize that all browsers have some good points and some bad points. This article I found yesterday really got me to thinking – it might have the same effect on you as well.

Naturally, all of this has generated a bit of contention among users of Microsoft Windows where Firefox fans put down IE and users of IE 7 say they don’t want to bother with changing anything on their computers that is working. I’m an unlikely Solomon, but I do know what I would order if I were in charge: Use them both.

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myFirefox – IE7 Theme for Firefox

Now if the Looks Familiar theme makes Firefox look more like Internet Explorer 6, then what does my Firefox do? It makes your Firefox experience a little more like Internet Explorer 7.

There is no reason you shouldn’t like the IE7 theme, even if you are the biggest Firefox fan in the world. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Now you can have the slick interface of Internet Explorer 7 with your favorite Mozilla browser under the hood. Some might say it is the best of both worlds.

+ Download and Install the myFirefox Theme for Firefox!

Navigational Sounds

One thing that I have not missed since moving over to Firefox is all the beeps and bloops Internet Explorer makes while you are navigating through your Web pages. Some people may like getting these dinging sounds though, even if they just make me feel a little dingy. That is where the Navigational Sounds extension comes into play.

+ Learn More About the Navigational Sounds Extension!

Firefox Gains, IE Loses

This is some good news for anybody who is a fan of Firefox.

Mozilla’s Firefox gained half a percentage point in market share at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer during August, continuing the steady climb of the open-source browser, a Web metrics firm said.

Firefox now owns 11.8 percent of the global browser market share, said Net Applications, a jump of .5 percent from July’s 11.3 percent. Internet Explorer, meanwhile, now accounts for 83 percent of browsers used to surf the Web; that’s down from July’s 83.5 percent.

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Switch Back to IE?

InformationWeek has posted an interesting article asking if Microsoft can get folks to switch back to Internet Explorer. You aren’t going to see me do it, and this article points out many reasons why I wouldn’t. I think the competition is good for the industry. I also think we haven’t even come close to seeing the browser wars’ “shock and awe” period just yet.

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Ever wanted to edit your CSS files for your Web site while getting a live preview on both Firefox and Internet Explorer? CSSVista is a program that will let you do that all in one application. The only catch is that it is only for Windows XP. I have to say this is one freeware program I won’t be doing without anytime soon.

[Download CSSVista!]

Firefox is at 10% Market Share

According to this Market Share Web site, Firefox is now enjoying 10% of the browser market. That puts Internet Explorer at 85% and everybody else in that other 5%. Firefox is gaining steam and I don’t know what could happen to make them fall off the track. Want to read some more debate on the topic? Check out the digg.com comments to this news.