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A Chat with the Man Who Makes Your Tabs Colorful


Not often do the people behind the absolutely awesome Firefox add-ons, tools and the browser itself get much time in the spotlight.  I recently had the chance to talk with the ColorfulTabs extension author, Shivanand Sharma, to get his views on his creation and a number of other development related questions.

What first inspired you to create the ColorfulTabs add-on for Firefox?

Before I begin I’d like to congratulate you and commend you for the great and popular blog and content you have created. A ‘hello’ to all your visitors and fans of Firefox.

Back in the old days when Firefox caught my attention, there was a page with a walk-through on how to use userchrome.css to style your toolbars and buttons. The article was created by Flexer and I was so fascinated that I spent hours coloring and styling every aspect of the browser. One day the idea just struck – what if every tab was a different color? At least the tab boundaries will be more distinguishable. It was a small idea that gave birth to ColorfulTabs. Initially ColorfulTabs just used 32 fixed colors to color each tab in a cycle (after the 32nd tab color cycle just restarted).

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Air Mozilla Rocks

If you have been looking for a good source of Firefox videocasts, then you should look no further than Air Mozilla. I have to say I have been very impressed with the product and can’t wait to get the free time to watch some more. If you are interested in the “goings on” behind the team that brought you Firefox – give this one a shot.

I wish the Podomatic service they used on the back end of things provided a better interface for the whole thing, but you can’t hate the player – got to hate the game. I wanted to embed a player here in the post but for some reason the Podomatic service kind of sucks.

It doesn’t take away from the great content Air Mozilla is providing. Can’t say I would be disappointed to see them slap them on YouTube instead.

Mozilla Digital Memory Bank

MDMBThink you might want to go back one day to learn about the history of Mozilla and the Firefox browser? What if somebody like Ben or Asa becomes president one day? Then this stuff might be pretty interesting to look back upon. Ok, it is interesting now. No need to wait for a presidential run. The Mozilla Digital Memory Bank is doing it’s best to preserve as much of Mozilla’s history as it can.

Organized by the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University, The Mozilla Digital Memory Bank is a permanent, open, peer-produced digital archive of Mozilla history. With support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation, The Mozilla Digital Memory Bank collects and permanently preserves digital texts, images, audio, video, personal narratives, and oral histories related to Mozilla, its products, and its community of developers, testers, and users.

There is already a lot of great content up there and ready to browse through already. My favorite section is the audio interviews. Now I have yet another thing to fill my mp3 player up with.

Inside Mozilla Foundation

Ever wanted to take a step into the Mozilla foundation?

Here we have about as close as you and me are going to get. I just stumbled upon this interview with Mitchell Baker that Robert Scoble posted over at PodTech.net. 40 minutes of quality Mozilla interview action! It has been a long time since I have seen any real good podcasts or interviews with folks behind Mozilla so this is nice to see.

Just as a side note I’d really like to see the Mozilla team release their own series of interviews and segments like this letting the fans and developers know what it has taken to get here and what is planned for the future.

If you find any other Mozlla interviews, podcasts, videos or anything else of the sort, be sure to send it my way.

Firefox Podcast, Anyone?

Now those of you who follow my other projects know that I do a weekly podcast on and about the Web hosting industry called the Web Hosting Show. Now I have been doing that for about three years, I think I am getting pretty good at this whole “audio recording” too.

So I am curious if anybody out there would be interested in seeing a Firefox Facts podcast? This is just an idea right now, and I would figure that I would cover a lot of what I cover here – but in audio form. I could also take your audio questions and comments or do interview with Firefox “movers and shakers”.

Now I am not going to promise anything just yet, just interested in hearing if there would be any interest from the public in me following up with the project.