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Split Your Browser Window

Split Up Your BrowserFor the ten people out there that miss iframe designs, I have an extension that will remind you of the good ol’ times. Split Panel allows you to split your browser window up into tiny bite size.. umm, smaller windows?

Open panel to left, bottom or right (left,middle or right click) with current URL from Split on context menu (right click on page) of the tab’s page. Allows you to view see two pages simultaneously for comparison or copying info from one to the other. Can be resized by dragging the bar between the main browser and new panel.

I am sure there has to be a reason for this out there somewhere. I just can’t happen to think of any right now.. come on, where is the reason?!

100 Worst Firefox Extensions

Well, I have always heard that there is no such thing as a bad idea. No matter if you think that is the case or not, there are more than a few bad Firefox extensions. Now I do not mean bad as in they will hurt you, I mean bad as in they are pretty lame ideas. So let us celebrate these bad ideas all at once, with the 100 worst Firefox extensions.

+ Did Your Favorites Make the List?