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Firefox Theme with BIG Buttons

I have never run across a Firefox theme with buttons that were this big till now.

Kempelton Large

The Kempelton Large theme for Firefox delivers in the big button department for sure. You can still get a little ‘bit smaller icons if you go with the ‘Use Small Icons’ option when using this theme. Use the standard Kempelton theme instead if you want a more typical icon size.

Do you like the big buttons?

Text Size Toolbar

Need a few buttons on your toolbar to help you enlarge or shrink the fonts in front of you? This can sometimes be a big pain, especially if you have a large screen resolution. These folks that use really tiny fonts just get on my last nerve.

Do they really want me to read that tiny stuff? I guess not since they made it so darn little. The Text Size Toolbar extension takes care of this problem. It gives you quick and easy access to making your fonts bigger or smaller.

+ Download and Install the Text Size Toolbar for Firefox!