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Direct Extension Linking?

Over the past few weeks I have noticed more than a few people have been E-mailing me and asking the same question. Why do I not directly link to Firefox extensions and themes via this Web site?

Well I could, there is no technical reason not to – the problem I have is what if these places change the location of the Firefox extensions? I am not going to be one who wants to go through and edit the hundreds of posts I have done thus far by hand. Not that I don’t love you folks enough to to it – it would just be a big waste of time for me.

So now that has been answered, let’s get back to talking about the fun things in Firefox!

Firefox Affiliates

firefoxlogo.jpgI bet you have asked yourself at least once, “How can I help spread the word about Firefox?” haven’t you? Well, the folks over at spreadfirefox.com have made this a really simple task. All you have to do is grab a few buttons from the spreadfirefox.com affiliates homepage. There are plenty to choose from there, so have at it.

[Learn More About Firefox Affiliates!]