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Get reminded of when it is time to close the browser with this amazing little add-on for Firefox. This is an add-on to remind you to stop browsing the internet when you specify the time. Useful when you don’t want to lose track of time while browsing the internet.

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Snap Links Provides Better Mass Link Clicking

Snap LinksWhat in the heck is “mass link clicking”?

You click a link, you open a link – it is all pretty straight forward. What if for example you are browsing through search results and you want to open the top three links? You have to go to each one click, have it open in a new tab, repeat…repeat..

There is an extension to save your finger from those extra clicks and I do have to admit it is pretty fun to use. Snap Links allows you to draw a rectangle over a series of links and automatically open them all up. Think of it as you would selecting multiple files on your desktop.

Here are a few more details about the Snap Links extension:

  • The user selects the links by drawing a rectangle
  • Only the main links are selected by default
  • Requires only one click
  • There is visual aid to show which links are currently selected
  • The extension attempts to be simple, fast and intuitive

Snap Links allows users to select the default action on the options window (open links in new tabs, in new windows, in new tabs on a new window, bookmark, download or copy links to clipboard). Overall I think that Snap Links is a very unique extension that is sure to get a lot of attention (and hopefully even a lot better too) over time.

Easier Photo Management

If there is anything that I enjoy it is having a tool that makes my life just a little easier. Just like anybody else out there I love my Flickr account. I do wish I had a better way of managing and uploading my photos though. Well look no further, FotoFox looks like it is trying hard to become my new best friend.

FotoFox allows you to easily select, tag, title and upload pictures from your computer to an online photo album. Works with Flickr, Tabblo, 23hq, Smugmug, and Marela. It is still a young extension – and has plenty of room to grow. I do have to say though that it has one heck of a nice head start.

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Add Bookmark Here

Need to be able to add a quick bookmark inside of one of your folders via Firefox? Get the Add Bookmark Here Firefox extension and this dream can become a reality. This extension allows you to add bookmarks to any folder in the bookmarks menu like in Opera.

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Using Firefox 2 with CMS

Firefox 2 is coming along really nicely. I just downloaded the RC1 yesterday, and things are looking about as good as they can get. I could see how this newest version would help people get things done a lot faster than in the past as well. Need a good example of this in action? I found one over at CMSReport.com.

Over the past few months I found that Firefox 2 is a browser that has change my browsing style and it will likely do the same for you.

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