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Go Meet Foxkeh

FoxkehWho the heck is Foxkeh? He is Firefox’s Japanese mascot. On this new blog they are taking content from the one in Japan and translating things over. Why does Japan get a mascot and not us? I haven’t got a clue – but isn’t he just the cutest damn thing ever?

Last September Foxkeh was born and we collected ideas for his name from over 7,000 community members. He was named Foxkeh after FIREFOX and SUKE, the suffix of common boy’s name in Japan (e.g. Daisuke Matsuzaka.) Since then, he has appeared in the VOX Banner Contest, a time chart document, an nonfiction novel on the history of Firefox, monthly wallpapers, a series of promotional videos, and much more.

+ Go Say Hello to Foxkeh! | Get Foxkeh Wallpaper!