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Best 10 TV and Movie Personas for Firefox

Popular TV and Movie Personas

What are some of the best Personas you can pick up for Firefox from the Film and TV category?  I recently took a trip through some of the user created backgrounds for Firefox, and found ten of the best examples.  These are all Personas I find both usable and fun to look at, and might help lighten the day the next time you launch your favorite browser.

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Firefox Movie Remake

Did you know there was a Firefox movie?  Yes, there was – it was about jets and Clint Eastwood.  What I want to know is when will we see a modern day remake about Mozilla?

I know I’d pay good money to see it.  Maybe insert some covert Google Chrome or Microsoft spies into the mix?  We have next summer’s blockbuster in the making.

Metal Lion – 300 Inspired Theme

I always have a lot of love for the Firefox theme designers that think outside of the box. The Metal Lion 300 Firefox theme does just that.

300 Spartans Made This Theme

Inspired by the film 300, this theme has been designed to have a long lasting appeal to both fans of the film, but equally to those who have never seen or heard of it. Whereas other themes of mine have concentrated on gradient and/or 3D effects, this theme explores the interplay of colors and also the use of transparent effects.

Sure it might not be a selection that works for everybody, but I give them bonus points for trying to do something new.