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Firefox 3 Themes Get Named

According to Mozilla Links, the new line of Firefox 3 themes all have their own names now:  Tango!, Strata, and Firelight.


Personally, I think I might like the Tango one the best.  The other day played with Strata some but still not a big fan of it.  I am sure it will also be only a matter of time before people release “classic” versions to make the theme look more like Firefox 2.

Tired of these themes?  Try a few of the best new ones out there!

Firefox Renamed (in Debian)

This has been an interesting one to watch from the sidelines. What really is in a name?

Debian is ready to change the name of Firefox in its distributions, beginning with Etch. They say it can be done within a week. The reasons stem from Mozilla’s recent insistence on trademark fidelity and its preferences regarding Firefox patches. Debian doesn’t want to accept the original trademarked fox & globe logo; they don’t see it as really ‘free’ to use.

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