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Why is NASA Night Launch a Popular Theme?

NASA Night Launch Tweaks I have not spent much time with the NASA Night Launch theme for Firefox, but I did always wonder, why is it the most popular and downloaded theme for Firefox?  Sure, it is a dark (and very nice looking theme), but what else is there to it?  Well, if you do a little digging – you can find several guides on how to modify the NASA Night Launch theme to fit your own needs.

Here are a few example tips and tricks:

To use these tweaks and tips for yourself, all you need to do is download the NASA Night Launch theme from the Firefox Add-ons site – and get started.

NASA Night Launch Theme

Time to take Firefox where no other web browser has gone before. We might even “boldly go” there while we are at it. The NASA Night Launch theme for Firefox gives you a dark theme that isn’t too tacky.

Nasa-friendly Firefox Theme

Lets just hope you can keep those Klingon hotties at bay after getting this sucker up and running.