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Paul Thurrott Gets it Wrong

Now I don’t really mind Thurrott because I don’t know him or his writing very well.

It sounds like to me though he is just trying to get attention by being anti-Firefox when the rest of the world is swinging in the other direction. As Asa points out he has it all wrong on some of Firefox 2’s new features.

Paul Thurrott, in his somewhat late review, takes a look at Firefox 2’s new features. Unfortunately, and something I didn’t expect from Paul, it’s either the most intentionally misleading review of Firefox, or it’s a completely unserious piece of writing. Which of those two, I can’t say, but either way, it’s a disservice to his readers.

Rather than go through the whole review and try to correct it all, something that could take far more time than I’m willing to give it, let’s just look at Paul’s analysis of the Firefox 2 Phishing Protection feature.

This is not the first time Paul has gotten it wrong though. As Asa’s comments brought to light, he also said that Windows ME was exceptional.

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Firefox 2 is a Dud?

Just to show that I am not a total Firefox fanboy (oh who am I kidding, you know I am) here is another opinion about the newest release from the fine folks over at Mozilla.

Firefox 2.0 is free, but it’s a woefully minor improvement over Firefox 1.5 that suffers from various incompatibility problems, especially with themes and other add-ons. I wouldn’t recommend this new version, to be honest. I’ll be sticking with Firefox 1.5 at least for now. I recommend you do the same, or switch to the surprisingly solid IE 7.0

Personally, I think it sounds like Paul might have been eating paint chips while writing this, but it is another opinion. Sure, Firefox 2 might not make me breakfast – but I still love it like it did.

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