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Firefox 3.6 Has Been Released!

Firefox 3.6!

Firefox 3.6 Released!

The latest version of your favorite browser has been released.  Firefox 3.6 is now available via Mozilla’s web site.  The big update this time around is the built in support for Firefox Personas.

Need more? Here’s the full list of new features that Firefox 3.6 brings:

  • Available in more than 70 languages – get your local version.
  • Support for a new type of theme called Personas, which allow users to change Firefox’s appearance with a single click.
  • Protection from out-of-date plugins to keep users safer as they browse.
  • Open, native video can now be displayed full screen and supports poster frames.
  • Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness, and startup time.
  • The ability for web developers to indicate that scripts should run asynchronously to speed up page load times.
  • Continued support for downloadable web fonts using the new WOFF font format.
  • Support for new CSS attributes such as gradients, background sizing, and pointer events.
  • Support for new DOM and HTML5 specifications including the Drag & Drop API and the File API, which allow for more interactive web pages.
  • Changes to how third-party software can integrate with Firefox in order to prevent crashes.

More Firefox 3.6 Tips, Tutorials and Help!

Overall, not a bad upgrade.  If your Firefox has not updated it’s self yet, you can always pick up the update at Mozilla’s web site. What do you think of Firefox 3.6?  Love it? Hate it? More interested in Firefox 4?  Leave you feedback in the comments!

Find a Persona That Fits You!

Firefox’s Personas change-around got an update and a new web site dedicated to it here recently.  What will your browser wear today?  It is up to you to choose at GetPersonas.com.

Get Your New Firefox Persona

You now have an online gallery of Persona skins to browse through, from the newest to most popular.  You also have several categories of themes to choose from too.  The best part of the site, is if you have the Personas change-around installed, it will change as you hover over each preview image.

My only beef with Personas now is the fact that it dims my tab bar so much, on most skins I have a hard time seeing the text on the tabs.  Back to the web site though, GetPersonas.com also allows you to login and submit your own skins too.  Let me know if you do in the comments, as I would really like to see some new interesting designs.

Personas Updates, News and Customization Tips

Watching the Mozilla Labs discussion on Personas is really exciting. It looks like they have more than a handful of great designers and there are so many different ways this Mozilla project could go in development.

If your interested in getting involved, here are a few links to get you started:

You can also browse through some of the designs people have submitted too. In a future version it has been said that you’ll be able to flick a switch for an advanced setting to allow you to install your own designs but till then here is the work-around they published:

1) In the URL bar of your browser type “about:config” and hit enter.
2) Search for “extensions.personas.editor” by typing it into the Filter box that appears at the top of the page.
3) Double click on the line for “extensions.personas.editor”.
4) In the dialog box that appears prompting you to enter a string value, enter “manual” and click on OK.
5) You should now be in manual mode.
6) Click on the little Fox mask icon in the lower-left corner of your browser, and you should see a “Use Local Header…” option.
7) Click on the “Use Local Header…” option, and it should open up a file selector. Select the header file for your design.
8) You should now see your design in your browser.

As you can see it is not for the weak of heart, so if messing around in about:config gives you the willies, better wait for the update to the extension. All in all though, Personas seems to be moving along beautifully and I can’t wait to see how this project turns out in the long run.

Personas, Make Firefox Better… Looking!

Quick Theming with PersonasFirefox Personas is back! I’ve seen a handful of blogs covering this re-launch I guess you could call it all weekend long. It is an awesome project and I am happy to see it is getting a little more time in the sun. Personas are lightweight designs that “skin” the Firefox web browser. Delivered as a web service, the menu interface and the Persona designs are exceptionally dynamic, and should allow for a wide range of interesting possibilities.

Here are a couple of points that make Personas a winner:

  • You can select a Persona from the dynamic menus and see results instantly without having to discover, select, download or install a separate bit of software or code.
  • Personas can be added, removed or updated by their designers at any time, without requiring a software update.

Personas menu

Personas = Future of Firefox?

The bigger idea behind Personas though that I think Mozilla is really looking at is generating a part of the browser from the Web. The Persona selector is dynamically loaded and populated from a JSON feed and all designs are loaded via URLs to remote resources.

I have to think that they would love to be able to deliver more content, tools and services this way. With that said is Personas really a preview of Firefox 4 (maybe Firefox 5) or is it just a neat tool to change your browser look and feel of your browser?

Another point worth bringing up is it does work with a handful of other Firefox themes out there (other than Firefox’s default theme). To get an example of this go download the Cylence Theme : Emerald Variation. If Personas grow in popularity theme designers might want start taking note if their theme works with Personas or not.