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How to Get Add-ons for Firefox Mobile

Firefox MobileI have been using Firefox on my Droid X phone for a while now and love it.  Sure, there are a few faults to it – but overall Mozilla has done a great job at developing a mobile phone browser, plain and simple.  One issue I ran into early on though was I didn’t know where to get the special add-ons for the mobile version of the browser.  Some add-ons might work in both the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox, but others do not. 

So, where should you turn to get the Mobile Add-ons for your favorite browser?

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Sync Firefox to Your Phone

Firefox Sync to PhoneKeeping everything synced up is rather easy these days, thanks to great new features like the sync option built into Firefox 4.  However, even after it has been set up – how do you get the most out of it? You could sync your desktop browser settings, bookmarks and passwords up with your cell phone.  Let me show you how to securely access your Firefox history, bookmarks, tabs and passwords on the go.

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Firefox Phone

Firefox PhoneWill Firefox be moving into the mobile market? Well, I don’t think it will be happening anytime soon. If it does happen eventually though, Opera might become even more of a non-player in the browser market. Found this interesting ‘bit of news over at Download Squad.

Baker says developers are working on a mobile browser, but says it’s a long term goal and nothing users should expect to see anytime soon. While the Minimo project is based on Mozilla, it isn’t an official product and it’s still a few (dozen) steps behind Opera Mobile when it comes to speed and performance.

It might be a lot of promise and “maybe” right now, but if it does happen I have a feeling that the people using Opera’s mobile browser will feel like the ones using the desktop Opera. Lonely.

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