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Elog.io Browser Extension

Find the missing attributions with this neat extension for Firefox.  Elog.io makes it easy to search for information about photographs you see while browsing. Authors, titles and licensing information is available for any photograph part of the Elog.io catalog (currently 22 million images from Wikimedia Commons).  With this add-on, you can do this within Firefox.

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Best 5 Add-ons for Facebook Fans


Since Facebook is the king of the hill when it comes to social networks, there have been a lot of add-ons dedicated to making it better.  Facebook is great, but is not without flaws.  Thankfully, these Firefox add-on developers have worked out some of the kinks and have masterminded some of the best add-ons for Firefox to date.

Here are my top five Facebook add-ons you can add to Firefox.

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