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Afterglow: Customizable Theme for Firefox

Customizable Theme for Firefox

Looking for a new Firefox theme? You might want to try out Afterglow.  While not the prettiest theme I have used, it does have a unique look and comes with a lot of nice customization options to help you make the theme your own, if you like to tweak little things about the browser.

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Pink Paula Pack Ready for Firefox 3!

Continuing the trend from yesterday of, “Yes, it has made its way to Firefox 3!” we have PinkPaula.  Don’t you remember the pinkest theme that has ever come out for your favorite browser?  Let me remind you. 

PinkPaula Theme for Firefox

It also comes with the integrated about:pink extension, brings a pink themed search engine and additional options.  Plus, did I mention it is pink?  Yeah, this is about as girly of a theme you are going to get for Mozilla’s favorite child and now it is all yours. 

You can pick up the theme via the Firefox Add-ons site or get more information about the project via the official web site.  Now I am off to go watch some old Jean-Claude Van Damme movies so I can feel a little more like a man.

Multi-Colored Versions of Firefox’s Default Theme

Have a love for the default Firefox 3 theme (also known as Strata) but just wish it was all one color? If you find yourself in this proverbial boat – I have some good news.  You now have several different colors to choose from when it comes to using the default Firefox theme.

Marsh Aqua

Mash Aqua - Firefox Theme Preview

Marsh Chrome

Marsh Chrome - Firefox Theme Preview

Marsh Pink

Marsh Pink - Firefox Theme Preview

Marsh Red

Marsh Red - Firefox Theme Preview

Marsh Orange

Marsh Orange - Firefox Theme Preview

Marsh Purple

Marsh Purple - Firefox Theme Preview

Marsh Green

Marsh Green - Firefox Theme Preview

Marsh Brown

Marsh Brown - Firefox Theme Preview

So what do you think of these more colorful versions of the default Firefox 3 theme?

Color Your Tabs Pink with pinkTabs

You macho Firefox men of the Web, are you secure enough to use PinkTabs?

Pink Tabs for Your Browsing

Ok sure, the look and feel of this reminds me of Hello Kitty or something else so sweet and nice that it makes me throw up in my mouth a little. I am man enough to admit though, I kind of have started to like the pinkness of it all over time.

My real question is when will somebody copy this idea and make man tabs?

PinkHope – Your Pink Flavor for Firefox

This theme is much more than a unique pink blissful experience of browsing and hotness. PinkHope was created to spread awareness for breast cancer.

PinkHope Firefox Theme

Here are some words from the TwistedMc behind it.

I’ve been talking about making PinkHope into it’s own unique theme for a while now and I finally did it. It now sports a pink background behind the tool, address, status and tab bars. Even the background of the address and search bars is now pink.

Need more pink Firefox themes? Might take a look at an old favorite Pink Paula.

Pink Paula Firefox Theme

Pink PaulaMaybe I feel like getting in touch with my more girly side? I promise you – it was just a phase! I am back to normal now! The Pink Paula theme is a very unique one if anything.

I am pretty sure it is the first all pink Firefox theme that I have seen. Cross-dressing jokes aside it does look pretty nice if you like pink. If not, then well – give me a macho manly theme to pimp out. Till then, you will have to live with Pink Paula.

+ Download and Install the Pink Paula Theme for Firefox!