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Feedback Needed, How Many Posts?

I’ve got a quick question for all the wonderful Firefox Facts fans out there. In a dream world, where you got everything you ever wanted – how many posts a day would you like to see here on FirefoxFacts.com? Leave a comment and take our poll to let me know your thoughts.

Also if you have any other feedback to share, feel free to pass it to me here too in comment form. Always love to hear all of it, good, bad and Internet Explorer.. umm I mean ugly.

Your Addons Ready for Firefox 3?

How many of the extensions you use are ready for Firefox 3? Sure it has not been released just yet but now is the time to get the work done early to make sure that when Firefox 3 is released your favorite addons will work. I know of several great extension authors who have already made the leap and others are in the progress of doing so.

Are you worried that your extensions you use won’t work when Firefox 3 goes into it’s final release? Will it stop you from going to Firefox 3 if all your favorite addons are not working?

Voting Closed – Here Are the Results!

Update to Firefox 3 Poll?

Sound off and let me know what you think.

Less New Themes and Extensions?

Have we reached the peak of new Firefox extensions or has everything been done as far as themes go? I have been talking with several people from around the Web and it does seem like there are less new themes and extensions than there used to be.

Sound off and let me know what you think. Personally I’d say we are on at least at a slow down for the new ones. Old ones are still updated though – so that is something to be thankful for.

Firefox Resource Feedback

Hey, I have been working on this Web site for over a year now, and I don’t think I have asked you even once what you thought. Well, I am about to correct that horrible wrong right now.

Over the past week I have been working on cleaning up some of the back end things here on Firefox Facts. Now I would like to poll you to see what you think. Please vote!

Now that you have done that, if you have any other ideas, feedback, thoughts or suggestions as to what you would like (or maybe not like) to see here on the Web site, let me know. I am open to anything and everything because honestly this resource is as much yours as it is mine.