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Become a Test Pilot for Mozilla

Mozilla Test Pilot Project Ever want to become a test pilot?  Mozilla Labs has announced a new project with that name that sounds very interesting.  Test Pilot, still in the planning stages right now, will help give the Mozilla developers more information about how you use Firefox, so that they can learn from your feedback to make things better. 

The opt-in project will give anonymous information about your Firefox usage. 

After either a specified amount of time or upon completion of a specific action, Test Pilot will prompt the user for feedback. The feedback form will only ask a few questions selected from a much larger set. A link will be provided to provided more comprehensive unstructured feedback or bug reports.

The feedback question will be randomly distributed to make sure they reach a wide enough demographic as well.   The information will then be posted automatically to the Test Pilot web site.  What do participants get?  They will receive a flight badge on their Test Pilot profile and will be able to embed this badge on their web site, social networking profile and more. 

For more information on the project, check out the Mozilla Labs post on the topic and if you are interested in discussing it with others, be sure to check out the Mozilla Labs forum on the Test Pilot program.

Firefox 101

Want to know a quick version of Firefox’s history? Asa Dotzler has posted one in response to some comments that have been coming towards the browser’s focus.

Firefox was born when a small handful of open source developers decided, without any financial support, and as a completely volunteer project, to build a Web browser that could attract millions of regular user and give them a better Web experience.

There was not only no financial support for the Firefox project (then called m/b for the directory in CVS where the new browser lived) there was no formal Mozilla community or project support and definitely no support from the large companies contributing to the development of the old Mozilla suite of applications.

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