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Would You Pay for Abstract Firefox Themes?

Found a couple of awesome Firefox 3 themes to share, but first I have a question for you.  Would you pay to have a better looking version of your favorite Firefox theme?  Bodizzle, the creator of the “Abstract” series of Firefox themes hopes so.

Via his web site he is offering better looking versions of these two free themes available for download now:


Download the Abstract Zune Theme for Firefox!


Download the Abstract Classic Theme for Firefox!

On the positive side, theme developers do put a lot of hard work into the creations they make for us, so if they want to go to the extra lengths to offer us something even more special for a low price, who does that hurt?  Everybody wants to earn some money.

On the negative side, I wonder what Mozilla would do if the themes page became one big home shopping network for Firefox themes?  Also are there any terms of service that would prevent the legalities of this happening?  Not sure myself, would need a lawyer for that one.

On what side of the fence do you come down on?

Good Search Plugins

I got an E-mail yesterday from a woman who wanted to know where she could find some good search engine plugins to put into Firefox.

She was a beginner and didn’t know which way to turn really. I pointed her towards the same place a point all my friends that want to know a little more about search engine plugins – Mozilla’s official Web site for them.

That is the best place to get started in my opinion. Have any other links that might be a good place for her to begin with customizing that search box in the upper-right hand corner of your browser?