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Firefox 3 RC 2 Released

We are getting closer to a final release for Firefox 3 and that is the sort of thing that just makes me all happy inside.  Not much is really known about the Firefox 3 RC2 release as far as what has been improved.  In a general nutshell it is said they fixed some reliability and performance issues.  For me?  It is just as awesome as Firefox 3 RC1 was, so thank goodness for little things.

You can download the Firefox 3 – RC2 at the Mozilla web site if your feeling like you want to do a little testing.  If you have RC1 and you want to move to RC2, just go up to “Help” in the menu bar, then “Check for Updates”.

Check out the release notes for yourself and then download if your ready to take the leap.  Once again, must say this isn’t the final version just yet, so unless your just overly curious like some of us – might want to wait before downloading.