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Weather Watcher Add-on for Thanksgiving Weekend

AniWeather Add-on for Firefox

Looking for the best way to keep an eye on the skies this Thanksgiving weekend?  Look no further than the AniWeather add-on for Firefox.  This extension animates weather information for locations all around the world.  Using the weather watching site, Aniweather.com – you get real-time condition updates, and a five-day forecast.

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Sorry, Mozilla Broke That Link

I have been getting E-mails about some links on FirefoxFacts.com not working. That is just crazy talk I thought. Mozilla isn’t goofy enough to start removing extensions and changing links left and right, are they? Well I have to say I was proven wrong.

Mozilla’s new addon Web site has broken my Web site and a dozen others out there that have linked to extensions in the past.

So if you are checking out a link here and find an “extension not found” that is because Mozilla ditched it to the wayside. There have been some really good themes and extensions missing from the new Web site as well. Why delete them Mozilla crew?

I have been a big Mozilla fan since day one, but this time around I have to call a spade a spade and say they screwed up. Bring back the old Mozilla Updates Web site!

Update: Looks like links are coming back – or so I am being told via E-mail. I have been talking with several people from Mozilla and they promise they the broken links should only be a temporary thing as they work the bugs out of the new system. Mozilla, you won me back over again! Thanks for getting it fixed quickly!

Europeans Like Firefox Too?

Well it turns out our neighbors over the ocean like using Firefox as well. Europeans enjoy the perks of having a better browser. Who would have ever guessed that one?

A report from the French firm Xiti Monitor shows the growth of Firefox in Europe, including this pretty map showing over a third of Germans, Poles and Slovenians are Firefox users, along with healthy dollops of people in the rest of Europe.

+ Read More and See the Nice Colored Graph! (worth clicking just for the graph!)